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Conquer those Cravings with Fruit and Vegetable Crisps!

Are you someone who often gets food cravings throughout the day? If yes, then like most of us, you probably opt for yummy comfort food to satisfy your taste buds and give you an instant fill, but soon feel guilty for eating unhealthily! So this new year, why not ditch the crisps and chocolate and instead conquer those cravings with healthy snacks? That way you can still get an instant fill but you won’t have to feel guilty about eating the wrong foods!
Our suggestion is fruit and vegetable crisps. Yes, you heard right, fruit and vegetable crisps! Trust us, they’re a whole lot better than you think!
Take a look at our top 5 suggestions from Tesco…
1) Beautiful Beetroot
2) Afternoon Apple
3) Tempting Turnips
4) Peppery Parsnips
5) Crispy Kale
They’re so quick and easy to make so why not give them a go! You never know, you might be surprised…